Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A new year a new begining

New Year's eve is like every other night; there is no pause in the march of the universe, no breathless moment of silence among created things  and yet no man has quite the same thoughts this evening that come with the shadow of darkness on other nights....And it is with that same feeling of retrospect that i write this post..  2008 sure has been an eventful year... So many things have been keepin me on my toes, that i never noticed the year fly by.. Though i must say, i'm glad this year is over and i hope and pray the one to come is better.. The year didn't  start too well but as days moved on, things slowly started gettin better.. I know one cant ask for a perfect day on all 365 days, but seriously this year has had more "downs" than "ups" and i really wish the year had atleast ended on a better note..

One things for sure, i've grown over the past year.. emotionally, intellectually ( and yes i have become fatter too, but we can tackle that later)

And the reason for this change ( duh except the last one) are the people in my life.. So this post is my lil dedication to all those who left their mark in my life in the year that has been..
( in no particular order here goes)


i know she's probably gonna whine bout me having chosen THIS picture to put on my blog, but i guess though all through our school years and through college we've been close, it was at this trip that we really bonded...
This lil girl has been through a lot in life and i guess one blog post is not enough to write bout all that. but wats more important is her attitude towards life.. well yeah i'm not sayin she's always happy and never cries, but inspite of all she's been through, she never gives up..
There are times when she wants to just let go, but she still pulls herself up and fights back.. and that takes a hell a lot of courage..
Thanks Supri for makin me strong


The eldest of the triplets but the most light hearted one... One super talented chick with the perfect amount of humour and intellect.. 
The one person i can be completely cooky around and not get weird looks from..
More than learning from her, i guess i have felt this weird connection everytime i shared with her.. Its really strange how two people can think so alike..
Thanks Vedha for making me smile when i was down


My lil bald man..I don't even know how and when i started talkin to him and it really doesnt matter either really.. If there's one thing i learnt from atul, its to be hopeful, to be optimistic.. ( and considering i'm the queen of pessimism,for me to even think of something positive is a big deal)
And yes how can i forget his reinforcement on the line " sidhirbhavathi karmaja", he being a living example of this phrase..
The endless messages, the philosophical talks, have been a memorable part of this year
Thanks Atul for showing me the silver lining..


Boy is it difficult to spell that name or what..
This fellow has been the reason to smile ( or should i say laugh) on some of the darkest days of this year.. 
Thanks abii for... uh... being yu!!


I could write a whole book bout this nut.. The one guy ( apart from the twin souls) that i share everything with.. The one person who loves me for who i am.. The one person i can always rely on..
Thanks vinch for being there for me..


Well unlike yur friends, yu cant choose yur family, but no matter what, i'm glad i have them..
And this includes my other baby, rudy, chini ma and sridhar uncle 
Thanks for all the love

I may have missed names and people but every single person whom i have interacted with this year have made a difference in my life ( good or bad, but a difference)
May it be 
the ching pang gang ( who taught me how shallow ppl can be), 
or a certain mad man in coimbatore( who inspired me when i needed inspiration),
or a jerk from melbourne( who taught me that not everyone can be trusted), 
or the kids from lady wellingdon ( who taught me that love is infinite)

as the lines from one of my favourite poems go..

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

Monday, December 29, 2008


It feels like forever since i wrote on my blog. There seems to be so much to write about, the vellore trip, the exhibition at college, the stella culturals, the loyola culturals, but for some reason i just don feel like writing.. no i'm not depressed.. neither m i lazy ( eh maybe a LIL bit) but seriously, no mood to write.. 

sigh.. sad it is

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, i'd no doubt walk up to heaven and bring you home again

He'd always sit there on the sofa.. Always in that corner.. Either a cigarette or the newspaper in hand.. Grey shirt, black shorts..His presence almost unnoticed and unknown to those who walked in and out of the door.. His leg moving up and down as if in rhythm with one of the magical tunes he'd helped create...

A quiet person, whose smile of acknowledgement was enough to make any one's day..
The wisdom in his eyes spoke of  his experiences over the years. The warmth in his voice would put anyone at ease.
An inspiration for millions, a mentor to thousands,a friend to several.... and to us, a father figure...
Uncle, you shall live on in our hearts. Your memories shall keep you alive forever..

So here's to the great man-H Sridhar

We love you, and will miss you..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ain't it funny?

I've been listening to "ain't it funny" all mornin.. why? I don't know.. but so much of the lyrics make sense..

It's so funny no matter how well yu script the story of your life, unwritten characters come in and  change everything....they turn your world around.. Sometimes for the better,most times, otherwise...
Ever wondered?
Ain't it funny how a complete stranger becomes your best friend?
Ain't it funny how your closest friend becomes a total stranger?
Ain't it funny how all our life we wait for one special moment?
Ain't it funny how a moment could just change your life? 
Ain't it funny how somethings leave you blank?
Aint't it funny how some feelings you just can't deny?
Ain't it funny how you can't let some things go?
Aint it funny how somethings hold you back?
Ain't funny how sometimes you can't stop talkin?
Ain't it funny when sometimes you have NOTHING to say?
Ain't it funny how sometimes we lock our thoughts?
Ain't it funny how our thoughts set us free?
Ain't it funny how we try to push somethings away?
Ain't it funny how somethings draw us towards them?

Ain't  it??

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Uncle chips- aunty's processing weapon

What does one do when one gets a topic such as " Uncle chip- aunty's processing weapon" as their adzap topic? Well yeah that had us thinking or a bit too, but then when yu have mokkai queens such as supri, me and vedha around, there's never a lack of humour even in the worst of topics.

The whole act was just so much fun, and though i must honestly say i was a bit scared about the rebutal,there were instances when we left the judges with nothing to say :) end result? FIRST PLACE!!!!!
And after all that fun, came the creative writing.. hey don get me wrong, creative writing was fun too.. but the topics? uh! well! um! i'd rather not comment...
So here's the crap  i made up in 45 mins,, ENSAI!
(forgive me for the begining but thats how it was SUPPOSED to start.. as in thats the basic "topic")

"It was 8o'clock. I was late for my routine walk on the beach.The sky seemed dark, it felt like dusk so early in the morning. Prerna who usually accompanied me on my walks had fallen ill and today i had to walk alone. I couldn't find a single familiar  face on the beach that day. Sigh it really was pretty boring walking all alone. Prerna and my walks had become a routine. She'd come over to my place at 5.45 AM and try everything possible to wake me up and everyday she would miserably fail. It'd finally take her dog Sassy to lick my toes and get me awake (in utter disgust).Every day we'd start our walk from the crooked rain tree and walk all along the shore up till the broken marble statue. For us it wasn't the walk that was important but the gossip we shared during the walks. As i stared at the overcast sky, i thought of all the funny conversations we'd shared.
It was bad enough walking alone, but the fear of the heavens opening up any minute and engulfing the entire sea and land in a blanket of rain made the walk even more torturous than it already was.
As i walked along, my thoughts wandered and i thought about the dream i'd had the previous night. This was the third time i'd had the same dream. Each time it was the same thing, the vision getting stronger everytime.The dream started with me walking all alone on the beach in the evening- ' I didn't know what i was walkin towards, but i seemed to be pulled by some force. But each step was an effort as with each step i took, i seemed to be sinking further into the sand.'...

A drop of rain on my brow brought me back to reality. The sky looked even more threatening that it did earlier, there was a light drizzle. I looked around and noticed that even the handful of people whom i'd seen on the beach earlier seemed to be nowhere in sight. Perhaps they'd run for cover. All i knew was i was all alone on the vast of the  beach, quite like in my dream.
I thought about the dream again-' As i walked what seemed like an endless stretch, i suddenly picked up pace. Maybe out of the joy that i was getting closer to my destination, or maybe out of the fear of sinkin deeper into the sand. Voices from the sea seemed to be calling out to me, but i paid no heed to them and i ran.. I ran for what seemed like forever'....

I noticed it was getting harder for me to walk. My feet kept sinking into the now moist sand. The tide had risen and waves stretched out further, some of them pricking the tips of my toes as i walked. A disturbing wind seemed to be blowing.It howled just like the voices in my dream. I quickened my pace...

Eventhough it was getting closer, i was drenched in sweat, more out of anxiety than out of the exhaustion from the walk.The last part of my dream had me running towards the marble statue- 'I'd run towards it as if i was about to find a long lost treasure, suddenly i'd stop, and there he would be, in the shadow  of the statue, the gray old man.
There he would stand, with his peircing gray eyes, an olive green blanket around his shoulders and an "ek tara" in his hand. He'd ruffle his hair, smoothen his gray beard and hum a verse in bengali. It was always the same verse and it never made any sense to me'

A sudden bolt of lightning pulled me out  of my thoughts. A clap of thunder followed and before i knew it, it was pouring!I could see the statue in the distance, i ran towards it...
Finally under some cover, i panted for breath! I felt a hand on my shoulder, my heart skipped a beat. i wondered....
I slowly turned around and there he was, jus as i'd seen him in my dreams, the same gray old  man, with the olive green blanket around his sholuders, the "ek tara" in his hand. The same peircing gray eyes.My feet refused to move, as if they'd been nailed to the ground. He ruffled his hair and repeated the verse i'd heard so many times in my dream.
"Jodhi thor dakshonekyo naashe,
Thaale ekla cholo re"
He seemed to understand the fear and confusion on my face, he smiled at me and i noticed a set of crooked yellow teeth. This time he hummed the verse in english.
"If nobody answers your calls,
trust yourself and walk alone"
I stood there in the rain watching him as he walked away strumming his ek tara, the gray old man...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nenjukkul peidhidum maa mazhai

I've never written a review for a movie before, and perhaps i don't know how to either, but i think i HAVE to write about this movie.. Vaaranum aayiram
Though it doesnt start with a really pleasant scene, the story which is a narrative slowly moves on, taking us thro' every phase of a man's life-krishna. A man who lived his life to the fullest, lived for his family and passed on the same sentiments to his son.
Honestly there's not too much of a story, its all about the relationship a son shares with his dad and how after the dad's death, the son looks back at what his dad has done for him at every stage in his life. May it be teaching him not to be belittled by anyone or anythin, or to pursue his passions or even win his love over(even if it means sending him to San Fransisco), Krishna is always there for his son. And THAT is the beauty of the movie. All of us are blessed to have at least one such person in our lives, maybe not our dads, maybe not our moms, maybe jus a frnd, someone who's been there for us, someone we look up to, someone we consider our hero. And very often, we get so caught up growing up( literally and metaphorically), that we forget bout those very people who made us what we are.
It truly is a tribute to dads who though (often) don make their presence felt in the family, actually make the backbone of the family.
Personally i never used to think surya could really act, i mean yeah he plays the "tough cops" role pretty well but this is the first time i can say he's done full justice to the role.. Whether it be the loving father, the coy boy in love, the confused drug addict or (what he does best) the TOUGH army guy, he's played all his roles with great panache.
Credit should be given to the designers and make up artists who've done a fantastic job in making the actors look genuinely different in the different phases (Surya actually looks like a school boy when he is supposed to).
But the person who steals every one's heart HAS to be Simran.. the role fits her like a glove, she plays it so beautifully, that there are no words to applaud her performance. YES, her role is really small, but even with such a small role she makes her presence felt.
Another actress who's work is worth mentioning is Sameera Reddy. She plays her role so well i'm sure there wasn't a single guy there in the theatre who din wish she was his girl. She plays the (nerdy) girl next door really well and yu cant help falling in love with the way the two young hearts (surya and sameera) fall in love.
Credit is also due to the amazin scores (whether they have been ripped from english songs or not), they truly create the perfect feel for the movie.When yu listen to songs such as Nenjukkul peidhidum maa mazhai, yu cant help but dream about someone serenading yu jus as romantically.Sigh but sadly thats the thin line that divides fantasys from the real.
I'm not gonna rate the movie, but for anyone who loves their dad and/or knows what falling in love feels like, this movie is a MUST watch

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So you think you can talk the talk, but can yu walk "THE WALK"?????

It's become a common joke in class now, people call me and say " hey dp, coll is off for 2 FULL days, aren't you going to kerala??" So now you probably know how frequent my visits have been.. Its always something or the other-poojas, marriages, land issues..whatever.. And since amma goes and dad's always on tour i ALWAYS have to accompany her.

HEY don't get me wrong, I'm not whining, its just that even  the guy at Higginbothams at Madras Central has started recognizing me thanks to my frequent visits.
So like always, when we got a couple of days off for Diwali, off we were to "God's own country" 
Just like any other visit to guruvayoor, we followed the same old itinerary, 
* Be woken up at 5 (and I'm supposed to be on "vacation")

* Have a shower (in not-so-hot water.. brrrrrrrrrrrr)

* RUN to the temple (where might i add, my mom conveniently goes into her own world,      absolutely abandoning the person accompanying her.. Wat bhakthi i tell you)

* Stand in a really LONG queue with ladies PUSHING yu (ever seen the rush for rajni padam first day first show???) SCREAMING prayers into your ear

* The darshan( trust me after the pushes and the screaming women all I'd be praying for is to get out of the temple)

* The TONS of vazhivadus ( archanas and blah)

* Getting back home HUNGRY and exhausted after the "fight" I'd put up.

and the rest of the day pretty much involves- eating,local gossip, another couple of visits to the temple and of course IDEA STAR SINGER!!!!

But this time mumma took some time off to do herself some shopping and one of the things on her list was those peacock fans!!!!- those hand fan like things made from peacock feathers
(apparently they're supposed to keep insects and lizards away.. don ask)
And those things are delicate so we couldn't keep them in the suitcases, and since i had two bags to carry and mumma had two bags to carry, the only other option was to stick them into my backpack.
So there i was on Thrissur station the next day - a tall lanky girl in a Blue tshirt(trust me to correctly wear blue!) with peacock feathers sticking out from behind her almost as if they were her own plumule..

ALL eyes on ME.. quite a Cinderella story.. sigh!!!
 Well wat can I say? you can talk the talk, but can you do the peacock walk?????


Friday, October 24, 2008

What a day! what A day.. really.. when I'd planned this blog in my head, i had thought of so much to write about, but NOW, I'm just plain speechless.
Well for over a month I'd been screaming and announcing my birthday to anyone and everyone i knew but the excitement had died down thanks to the exams nd all i wanted to do on the 23rd was SLEEP. But then again, nothing charges one up like the love from one's friends.
At the stroke of midnight the calls and messages just started pouring in. 33 calls in all!  and I don't know HOW many messages. 
i know I'm probably bragging or showing off but honestly i don't care cos only i know how wonderful it felt.
The rest of the day was no less fabulous. Spendin the morning with the guys, raggin abii, the cake the photos.. everything was jus so much fun!
And then for the next session of "treating"- LUNCH with my lowes from college!
oh man nd all the unwrapping i had to do to finally get to my gift.
(I'm pretty sure we were the noisiest people in the city centre food court that day)
But more than any gift, it was the time spent with all of them that truly made my day. May it be the warm hugs, arun's 100 watt smile, supri and vedha's PJs, maha nd harini's nerdism ( is that even a word) 
oh and how can i forget? our analysis of the crowd. the "HOTTIE" with a pink shirt nd stick like hair. The gold chain guy who kept starin at us and of course darling lil SENBAGA nd her passe.
And the BEST part of the day was coming back home and being recieved by dad's hug nd mumma's amazing chocolate pudding.. wat more could a girl ask on her birthday :)

before i end this post, here's a lil dedication to my friends who make my day everyday

"you know the secrets i could never tell,
and when i'm quite you break through my shell.
I don't feel the need to rebel,
cos you keep my feet on the ground.
You don't get angry when I change the plans
Somehow you're never out of a second chance
And Won't say "I told you" when I'm wrong again.
I'm so lucky that I found you.
True friends will go to the ends of the earth
Till they find the things you need
Friends hang on through the ups and the downs
Cause they've got someone to believe in"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


What do you do when you're mom's the teacher in the same school you study???? wait till you pass out of school of course.. lol

OK now there have been good things thanks to amma being in the same school where i studied, but it was annoying being known as the teachers kid.. But know that I'm out of school and into coll, its actually quite entertaining having a mum in the same school i studied in.

Why you ask? well take today for instance..

Apparently some kids in a particular class amma teaches in had copied in their recent tests, Being the harishchandra's reincarnation that my mum is, she decided to make her students feel "guilty" and own up on their own.

At home, whenever my brother or i do something wrong, she makes us sit and analyse our actions (write out what we did even) and judge ourselves on whether we were right or wrong.. She decided to try the same with her students, so she walked into the class handed all of them a piece of paper each and told them she knew most of them copied. She asked them all to write down why they copied and give the notes back (anonymously if they wanted to)

While most of them merely said" ma'am i usually don copy, i merely "help" others when they need it"( one even went to the heights of saying, " i din even know the MEANING of copying till this year"), there were a few that caught my attention and are really worth mentioning

(note these have been copied LITERALLY so the gramatical mistakes are not errors on my part)

1) ma'am i'm a very good student you can ask math ma'am or english ma'am.( not language ma'am becos language ma'am doesnt like me. I dont copy, i only show everything.I'm very generous thats why i show everything. From now on i wont show 
2) Dear respected ma'am, i like biology because it is my favorite subject hence i like it. I dont copy but i've heard other students talk abput copying and i close my ears when they talk about copying. i dont like copying. other students will be talkin about bit nd things like that. i've heard there are different techniques of copying such as diagonal copying, bit copying etc etc. but i dont do any of these becose i'm a good boy
3)i copied in the 1st standard becos i din know spelling of a word durng dictation.. i was a small boy then now i'm a big boy. i know all my spellings.infact in bio assignment when all those big big spellings are ther, everyone copies from me, even the class leader copies from me. i feel pavum for them and i let them copy. if you say i'll stop that also

(there are loads more actually nd if i'm able to save them before amma throws them into the trash, i'll prob scan them nd put them up..)
god save the teachers who go thro this torture everyday!
like some really intelligent person rightly said ENNA KODDUMAI SIR IDHU!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Of mallipoos and Sungudis

Yes you brilliant soul who got the hint from the title, indeed i am refering to the temple town of மதுரை (OK i wonder if that was spelt right!! )

Thats the place where i "celebrated" independence day this year. WHY did we go there you ask? Well simple reason really. ( as my dad explained) We've been to diff places in India, but never really explored our own backyard so of we were to the town of madurai!

The weather i must say was a refreshing change from the scorchin sun in chennai ( Its funny how jus a few lattitudes can change the temperature so drastically)

Compare for yourself. THIS is what the sky looked like in chennai the day we left

and THIS was Madurai when we landed there ( time difference, 45 minutes)

But why talk bout weather and waste time when there are far more interesting things to talk bout!

Well yes Madurai is filled with temples and smells basically of mallipoo but it sure is an enchanting place.

The "travel schedule" was planned by my mum so obviously the main thing on the agenda was go to AS many temples as possible, though i whined at that time, i'm glad i finally gave in to my mom's wishes.

First of course was the Madurai Meenakshi temple, i'd heard a lot about the 4 gopurams ( one for each direction) and was really looking forward to go look at the real thing, sadaly as they were renovating the temple, the gopurams were completely covered in thatch.

But on the bright side, i got a cycle rikshaw ride to the temple :)

The old man who was riding the cycle rikshaw cudnt STOP talkin and it was quite entertaining as he tried to switch between english, hindi and tamil wondering which language we spoke cos my mum nd me seemed to makin exchanges in all three languages.

So went the first day visiting various temples in and around madurai. Oh by the time we went to this one temple, it was awefully late and the main enterance had closed, one priest ( who was done with his work for the day)took pity on us and took us through the back entrance of the temple, by the temple pond, through the temple kitchen and finally into the main sanctum..

The next day was much more fun when we drove to Rameshwaram.The climate was jus PERFECT. the temples THERE, were far more emptier and less noisy ( well most of them) and of course the MONKEYS!

Well though i'm sure there were far more interesting tales to tell of the trip from a travellers point of view, i don recall enough to write about over here.. though there was this temple ( a murugan temple) where a man had a spear through his tongue and was walkin on wooden slippers which were embedded with nails (OUCH!)

Watever said and done, i did quite enjoy the trip, mostly cos it gave me time to spend with mum nd dad( and THAT doesnt happen often)
oh nd the BEST part of the trip? the flight bak to chennai!
the madurai airport is TINY! its like a house, i mean the waiting launge is the size of a classroom.
our flight was wonderfully late by 3.5 hours nd my mum nd i were whiling away time passin comments on how atrocious the king fisher nd deccan crew looked :P
Finally when we were in the flight, there was this COMLETE wierdo sittin in front of us. He was listening to songs (on his i-phone)from all possible sanjay leela bansali movies( not like there are too many) in the loudest possible volume. (TRUST ME! everybody on the flight cud here it!!!)
so there we are, 100s of feet above the ground, in extreeeeeeeeeeeeeemely bad weather with the plane under terrible turbulence, so much so that it feels like the "roller coster" in MGM,with lightning flashing near our windows and all the ladies at the maximum of their bhakthi, when the air hostess walks upto this wierdo and asks him to turn his phone off as it may interfere with the plane's mechanism.
and Mr. wierdo in return argues about the phone being in "flight mode" nd it giving sadass dialogues such as " madam theeese is not JEST ye PHONE yit eees an i- PHONE" for some reason that reminded me of the rajnikanth dialogues( remember the way he says "yen vazhi THANEEE vazhi")
nd the argument continues, nd since the lights keep goin on and off cos of bad weather and i was unable to read a book, i decided to be entertained by them.
so finally after (20 whole minutes) of the lady explaing the plane mechanism and the guy showin of his "not JEST ye phone" and its features, she finally got up, walked upto her bag nd pulled out a rules book. The rule to switch of phones was mentioned in BOLD, nd since Mr wierdo got a bulb, he asked for a complaint sheet ( to save watever lil maanam he had left)
nd THEN ladies and gentlemen, started wat i call "the essay writing competition" no seriously, he exhausted the entire sheet and asked for TWO extra sheets of paper, underlying here and there, writing with 2 colours (alternating with blue and black, black being used for the IMPORTANT words)
man was it fun to watch his expressions as he wrote..


Every once in a while, one needs a change.. something different about something.. Not cos things aren't good the way they are ( maybe they are) but cos one wants to explore newer pastures.
And well thats the same reason i've been searching for better templates ( than the simple ones blogger provides us with).
And now, thanks to the initiative Vedha took, i have a new look to my blog..
well its not ALL that different now, but why change everything all together? let's go one step at a time :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

yet another day?

All of us had been cramming up for our exams for the past few days and had (almost) completely forgotten bout "Teacher's day"
Only on 4th night were we ( well atleast the 2nd years) frantically texting each other discussiing what we should do for the special day (though honestly half the ppl called to ask wat the portions for the UNIX pracs were.. lol)
lets have a lil flash bak now shall we..
let me explain the scene. its around 7 in the eve on the 4th, here i was searchin for the print outs of the programs and tryin to hunt them on the groups at the same time, the last thing i wanna d o is answer the phone.But hey its supri callin so i HAD to answer especially considerin the current scenario. so anyway..
DP: haan bol ( wat? that's how i always start a convo with supri)
Supri: What are we gonna do tomoro?
DP: i don know dude, i cant find the programs hunting for them on the groups, not started studyin yet.
Supri: Bledy! i'm not talking bout the exams, it's teachers day tomoro, wat are we doin for the teachers?
DP: oh shit, i forgot. So wat do we do?
Supri: thats wat i'm askin yu.
DP: and thats wat I'M askin YU.
Supri: oh man, lets get them a cake.
DP: ask vedha.
Supri: k wat else can we do?
DP: uh.... *thinks while still searchin for programs* ask vedha??!!??
Supri: aaaaaaaaaaaargh.. i mean wat do we get them
DP:* finds the file* YAY
Supri: huh?
DP: oh no nothin.. huh yeah yeah gr8 idea..
Supri: i never said anything. i ASKED yu somethin
DP: wat?
Supri: wat do we GET THEM!!!!!!!!!!
DP: oh yaaaaaaa.. hey wait i'll sketch
Supri: yu don have the time
DP: point
Supri: though i dare yu, yu cant draw a pic of HOD smilin
DP: oh yeah?? yu're on! wats the bet.
Supri: hey wait! yu're Deepti, the HOD always smiles at yu, so yu wont need much imagination.No seriously dude wat do we get them
DP: lets all pass in tomoro's exam nd tell them "ma'am the best gift a student can give a teacher, no errors in a compsci program..
Supri: Mokkai man! he he he he
DP: hmph so wat do we get them
Supri: tell yu wat, call reenu, she always has brilliant ideas
DP: wogays, nd yu call madam council member, she may have planned somethin.. oh nd yeah, ask vedha
Supri: yeah yeah..

And then we move onto the next convo, me callin reenu
*tring tring*
Reenu: yeah dude i was jus gonna call yu. there's this event tomro for samsung, charles jus called me bout it, he needs an MC, its tomoro nd day after, 11 to 8 at island grounds. He's already got all the girls for promotional activities their pay isnt much. if yu go as an MC they'll pay around 2k. travel is paid for.... *stops to breath*
DP: uh... hi!
Reenu: the work'll be pretty easy nd see the pay is good, they need ppl who're good in english nd fun loving ppl, deepa's english isnt all that great, i don think priya can handle somethin like that, i'm sure that upa's family wont let her out so late, plus they need a good looking person
DP: *wonders if that was an indirect compliment*
Reenu:so yu're like the ideal person to go. the same thing'll probably be there next weekend for the same pay. I'll give yu charles number...*stops to breath again*
DP:*clears throat* hang on hang on.What bout tomoro?
Reenu: oh no no the event starts only on the saturday nothing tomoro though if yu want to do something tomoro, there's this OTHER event charles and i were talkin bout. all though the pay isnt all that great...
DP: DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reenu: yeah wat?
DP: i wasnt talkin bout the event.
Reenu: oh shit yeah the pracs. oh man i donno wat i'm gonna do tomoro, i have no idea wats to study in UNIX
DP: welcome to the club but i was refering to teachers day.What do we do for the teachers?
Reenu: uh yu wanna do somethin?
DP: uh it'd be nice if we could.
Reenu: cake it IS then.
DP: thats it?
Reenu: uh i think thats enuf for them, wat else dyu wanna do.
DP: i have NO clue.
Reenu: tell yu wat? ask vedha.
DP: Supri's probably doin that right now
Reenu: OH... Supri... she got any plans?
DP: zilch
Reenu: hmmm well wat bout the event, i know 8 is late but it'll be worth it. blah blah blah
DP: *readin program for 2d rotation* ah huh? hmmm.. yeeeeeeeeah.. right right.. *after readin it* hey i'll jus call supri again, i'll get bak to yu bout the event.. ciao for now
Reenu: yeah dude.


well luckily for us, our third years had already planned something

....and all WE had to do was make noise :)
the music had been planned so had the games, the cake was ready
nd so were the speeches

(well except for KD's who had the first line " Hey ppl this is KD" nd the last line" nd finally i thank yu")

but the end result was amazing and boy did we have fun.. whether it was the impromptu speeches..(must say sd's was the BEST) all she did was give that AMAZIN amile nd say "uh.... THANK yu" nd quickly turn around.

Then of course we had the official "floral welcome"

nd then the time for the teachers to give speeches where HOD ( in response to Chitu's question,repeated haridas sir's fav line and) said " Yu're ALL my gems ma, how can i segregate nd say who is better than the other? you're all the same to me".

Then as always we had the games, musical chairs nd HOD won.. YAY!
well all in all it was jus so much fun that i wish days like this would come more often
so here's to all those teachers who guided us all thro' our life.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

PAPU CANT DANCE SALA, but i can sing in an ambulance :P

ha ha i know the title is pretty kooky, cudnt come up with anythin better.. So anyway,friday was really special for various reasons..The first being, i got to meet the governor.. yup yup i met MR. Barnala in person. wat was the occasion you ask? well, 15 students from MOP were selected to attend a workshop on lifestyle diseases..And i was one of those "lucky" fifteen.(SERENDIPITY i say!) So as per instructions, we all met up at 9 at Roypettah hospital only to find a band playin there and ofcourse a few other confused souls such as us. Every 15 mins, a car seemed to be leaving with atleast 5 or 6 girls in it.. i know wat you're thinkin, i was pretty much thinkin the same.. So then, we walked upto this lady who seemed to be the lady in charge and asked her where exactly we had to go and said we'd even walk to the place and din need the car. in reply to that, the lady (whom i later came to know was called LION LALITHA) flashed her BEAutiful yellow teeth at us and said " kanna yu cant WALK to guindy". since we din know wat that meant, we jus waited with the others.

there were no chairs to sit and it was bloody hot, and ofcourse the band addin to the torture, supri, me nd walked upto the flag post (which luckily for us was under the shade of a tree) and sat on the lil podium like thingi and started wastin time doin wat we do best, crackin baseless jokes or makin random remarks bout strangers..

10.30 by the time transport FINALLY arrived. Oh if you're thinkin we too were stuffed into an innova or a honda city, your wrong.. WE got the privilege of getting SQUISHED into a PTC bus.. yes folks, they hired good old Pallavan to take us.

so there we are, on the road, some 60 girls stuffed on a bus goin ALL the way from roypettah to guindy.my only sorce of entertainment, some high drama messages courtesy vedha.

After wat seemed like a half hours journey, we finally were there.. where?? there.. where?? lol RAJ BHAVAN.. home of ( you guessed it right) the governor himself

we walked in.. the PACK led by the MOPians ( who obviously seemed to be more alive than anybody else) all of us strolling casually, makin the most of the oppurtunity. Must say, it quite reminds you of IITM. The fresh green, the random deer, the nicely laden roads and most importantly, the serenity. but i guess we were walkin a bit TOO casually, cos this police jeep stopped beside us nd this grumpy cop asked vidya "endha college? suthi pakadhaku vandhingala?"

then there we were( after the security check), at the hall where the inauguration was to be, trust me, it was PACKED. seriously.. there were jus random seats here nd there which were vacant, half of which had been "reserved" for some lion club meber or the other.

End result, those who werent quick/ smart enough, had to stand.. (bad event management i say, sundari ma'am wud be ashamed) :P

then at about 11.30 the function FINALLY started, there were these whole bunch of dignitaries.

well for the description, yu can check this article out "http://www.thehindu.com/2008/08/30/stories/2008083055420500.htm"

but for MY side of the story, read on.. :P

there was this guy DR Rajendran if i'm nnot mistaken, superintendant, Roypettah hosp. 2 words to describe him "CONTROL FREAK". he jus WOULDNT let go of the mike, even if he had to sneeze, he'd do so into the mike, even if he had to answer a call, he'd do so into the mike. wierd but entertaining guy.

then there was MR. Paneerselvam, ( later christened PISSAselvam for obvious reasons) who spoke really well, though i cudnt understand most of his speech cos he spoke in HIGH level tamil.. the only part which I got was when he kept sayin how the youth of today should cycle nd not eat PISSA nd BERGER.

If i could give out awards, the MISS ENTHUSIASTIC award would Definitely have gone to this aunty in ORANGE who kept clappin for EVERYTHIN.. ( i'm amazed she din clap after the national anthem)

then there was the governor who spoke bout the workshop and its importance and the need to create an awareness.. honestly, he pretty much said the same things that everyone else who had been on stage said. but its the way his excellency said it that made you sit up and actually listen.. his tone was like that of a grandfather tellin his grandchildren a story, where the tone though not overly dramatic, holds your attention.(unfortunately the lady next to me, some prof from MEENAKSHI college, slept off)

But the sweetest things the governor said were 1. Apologise for the lack of seats (for which too the hyper case aunty clapped)

2. Nanri vannakam (which mind you none of the ministers said)

then it was time to get back to the hospital but the pallavan was no longer there, so we walked upto the control freak and asked him wat to do.. nd he pointed to an ambulance and said, "it'd be our honour to have beautiful girls like you on our ambulance".. we din know whether to smile nd thank him or roll on the floor laughin.. was he KIDDIN us? ride on an ambulance? but thats wat we did. all 15 of us got into an ambulance and we were off..

boy was it FUN, we kept showin "bulb" to random motorists on the road nd EVERy single person turned their headlight on.. rotfl.. we waved at people on the road everytime we stopped at the signal.. nd the best part? we sang PAPU CANT DANCE in the ambulance.. now thats a story worth tellin the grandkids..

i'm sure the driver was confused for he wud never have had SUCH passengers on an AMBULANCE. More confused were the ppl on the road wondering how ppl travellin on an ambulance cud possibly be happy enough to sing papu cant dance at the top of their lungs.. he he

Friday, August 22, 2008


There's so much to write about, the Madurai trip, almost being struck by lightning, the weirdo on the flight,lil bald man going away,olap, link, our victories, ethi, today's movie, college gossip but damn i just cant find the time to write a long enuf entry. Seriously i feel like the white rabbit in Alice in wonderland , running late for everything, no time on my hands..There's so much i wanna write bout.. There's so much i wanna do.. the glass painting is lying incomplete, I've left a few poems half done, there are those sketches i still haven't finished.. nd OF COURSE all that coll work piling up. ..
Oh man one look at the clock makes me feel so guilty.. wish days could be longer..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This has been on my "to do list" for a long time now, and here i am today, after creating my first ever blog.. and (not) suprisingly i have no clue what to write..

I've often read posts on my friends's blogs and admired the way they weave their words into a story, with every episode jus as interesting as the previous..(unfortunately/ fortunately for me, i know WAAAY to many EXCELLENT writers)

I've always admired that "talent"/ "skil" whatever you call it, and hoped that someday when i start my own blog, i have somethin just as interesting and intriguing to write... and yet, i m as BLANK as a brand new A-4 sheet. Okay okay i know that was a sad comparison, but what does one do when one's brain goes on strike?? oh before yu bio freaks begin arguing on the "brain goin on strike" bit, its JUS a figure of speech!!!!!! sigh..

hey wait, i know what i can write bout, the name of my blog.. :)


noooooo i din name it after the kate beckinsale starrer

Someone once told me this was his favorite word. i never thought bout the word then, but slowly, it grew on me and though i cant narrow down a single word from a language as vast as english and name it my favourite, i must say, i do quite love this word..


its not like i believe in luck and destiny but sometimes stuff happens which yu can not logically reason out
so often, unexpected things occur in ones life, and some of them change yur life forever... and sometimes, its ppl who you meet completely by accident.. and they change your life forever..

I too have been fortunate enough to accidently come upon such ppl in my life.. nd i guess thats one of the reasons i'm writing this today.. and why i chose this name..

Wish i could write more, but i'd rather not die by having all my blood sucked out by mosquitoes.. he he.. so thats all for now, i'll be back later with more on destiny and my adventures with luck

PS: there's also another reason for the choice i made.. serendipity.. or shall we say serenD-P-T :) for those of yu who din get it, KEEP thinkin :)