Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This has been on my "to do list" for a long time now, and here i am today, after creating my first ever blog.. and (not) suprisingly i have no clue what to write..

I've often read posts on my friends's blogs and admired the way they weave their words into a story, with every episode jus as interesting as the previous..(unfortunately/ fortunately for me, i know WAAAY to many EXCELLENT writers)

I've always admired that "talent"/ "skil" whatever you call it, and hoped that someday when i start my own blog, i have somethin just as interesting and intriguing to write... and yet, i m as BLANK as a brand new A-4 sheet. Okay okay i know that was a sad comparison, but what does one do when one's brain goes on strike?? oh before yu bio freaks begin arguing on the "brain goin on strike" bit, its JUS a figure of speech!!!!!! sigh..

hey wait, i know what i can write bout, the name of my blog.. :)


noooooo i din name it after the kate beckinsale starrer

Someone once told me this was his favorite word. i never thought bout the word then, but slowly, it grew on me and though i cant narrow down a single word from a language as vast as english and name it my favourite, i must say, i do quite love this word..


its not like i believe in luck and destiny but sometimes stuff happens which yu can not logically reason out
so often, unexpected things occur in ones life, and some of them change yur life forever... and sometimes, its ppl who you meet completely by accident.. and they change your life forever..

I too have been fortunate enough to accidently come upon such ppl in my life.. nd i guess thats one of the reasons i'm writing this today.. and why i chose this name..

Wish i could write more, but i'd rather not die by having all my blood sucked out by mosquitoes.. he he.. so thats all for now, i'll be back later with more on destiny and my adventures with luck

PS: there's also another reason for the choice i made.. serendipity.. or shall we say serenD-P-T :) for those of yu who din get it, KEEP thinkin :)


Vedha said...

Welcome to the mad mad bloggers world! I've added you in my list of links... so you are sure to get 1 extra visitor in Ms. Alvia!

Alvia said...

hee hee eggjactly vedha;)

Whale-CoMe Nonem....Blogger Is Blessed Bigtym 2 have D 3 generationz Of M.O.P Bca here:P

Deepti said...

he he.. well someone's gotta carry the torch forward right :D

Shake said...

:D it's like deja vu....i mean u just spoke my mind here...i've written more or less the samething in mine too! my first blog! wow!