Monday, April 12, 2010


I open the door to fetch the paper in the morning and i notice that they're already there.. As usual, sitting in the corner near the staircase. They look up when they see me and fall silent. I interrupted their gossiping session yet again..They continue giving me those hostile stares until i walk away..Thats just the first encounter for the day...

There're always snooping around.. no matter where i go, they're always there.. it is as though they're spying on me.. it's stupid i try telling myself.. or is it now??

I get done with breakfast and get ready to leave.. Drawing the curtains in the hall i look outside to see if my friend has come, and i see them again.. Peering from the open window.. Their eyes meet mine and they quickly move away.. One of them turns back to check if i'm still looking.. I am.. they move more quickly..

They're most definitely up to something i think but my phone buzzes just in time and i leave..

I've had a long day and the last thing i want is a pesky spy.. I look around.. not a sight of them Whew..

Maybe i'll go for a drive to the beach. I walk towards the car and there they are. A satisfied smirk on their face. Their job is done. Ugh!

I drive away quickly before they can do anything else.. A nice drive ought to relax me..


Ah! the sound of the sea, how peaceful, unlike their constant murmurs.. I pick up food and head home hoping i don't have to see them again at least for the day..

I park the car.. Not sign of them.. I walk up the stairs.. Not the slightest whimper..
I open the door and step in.. AH!! peace!!

I leave the food packet on the table and walk in to my room.. I feel something move behind me. I turn quickly.. Noone..

I shut the door and pull a shirt out of my cupboard.. I hear a murmur.. I step back into the dinning room and quickly turn the lights on.. i notice the open window.. Too late!! They're taken by surprise and come flying at me..


The door bell rings, i open the door. My mother's jaw drops when she sees the ransacked room..
"WHAT on earth happened here?"
" We had visitors", i shrug and point to the window.
"OH GOD!!! The pigeons again!!"