Friday, November 27, 2009

The Saga Continues..(Part 2)

After a happy family dinner, we were back home.. I wondered how to spend the last few hours of my 'teenage' life.. I decided to pull down all the photo albums and the diaries from the years gone by.. There's something about going through ones old photos that livens up one's spirits.. you can't help but smile when you see a picture of yourself in a funny costume that you had to wear for a school play or a picture of you making funny faces at the camera on your first excursion outside the state.. I was enjoying the company of the 'ghost of the birthdays past'..

The sweet smell of vanilla mixed with the seductive scent of chocolate floated through the air... Lost in the downpour of memories, i had forgotten to check on my parents.. I had assumed they were asleep.. I listened, but all i could hear was muffled whispers.. i stepped out of my room, the entire house was dark except for a lone candle in the drawing room.. I took timid steps towards the candle.. I thought i heard a giggle..

Confetti flew in the air and the lights came on..

All the people i'd been looking at in my photo albums, stood in front of me now, all of them wearing a party hat and singing for me.. There was giggling, there was teasing but mostly there were just warm tight hugs..
So you think a picture is worth a thousand words?? Well, a hug is worth all the memories and the love associated with each of those memories that these simple words describe..

I was finally 20.. and i was loving every minute of my new life!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Saga Continues..(Part1)

( OK, i know this post is like a month overdue, but like i always say, better late than never :) )

I've always been scared of commitments of any form and quite frankly, i HATE change.... Changing schools, taking decisions, making new friends- its always been scary for me.. Call me a gutless mallu, but that's just how i am. And thus i find birthdays scary..
Confused? Well as you grow older, you have more responsibilities. and you need to be committed enough to these new responsibilities to do a half decent job.. NIGHTMARE!!!!

I'd been thinking of this very same nightmare for a while now and the daily birthday countdowns that my friends were giving me, the cards that were coming in and the constant birthday discussions were just making things work..

It's the last year of college, and maybe I'll be working the next year or perhaps I'll be doing my PG.. My head'd been spinning thinking about the responsibilities that were to fall on my head soon and the change that I'd have to encounter.. Every message that came in reminding me about my birthday felt like the loud ticking of a time bomb about to burst.. No matter how much my friends tried to show me the brighter side, my brain refused to accept there was anything good about growing older..

Dad'd just come back from a really long tour, and i was moping around oblivious to everything other than the loud ticking of 'the time-bomb'. We decided to go out for dinner, hoping that that would change my mood, at least temporarily.. I decided to drive:- grown up act #1..

My parents were talking about grad school.. but (thankfully) there was enough traffic to distract me..
A bunch of hooligans overtook suddenly from the right..My mum noticed the 'cute' guys in the car.. Dad commented on their 'uber sexy' tyres... I swore loudly, cursing the mindless brats( much to my dad's amusement and ma's shock):- grown up act #2..

We reached besant nagar ; i fussed about the lack of parking space and frowned at a skimpily dressed teenager.. :-grown up act #3..

My phone buzzed.. "yet another reminder", i thought as i crossed the road.. And thats when my dad took my hand.. He wrapped his fingers around mine, like he always did when i was little and pulled me along as he crossed the road..When we reached the other side, he patted my head and smiled. "No matter how old you are, you'll always be my little girl"

I looked at my phone to check the message.. it was F.O.F..
"Age is an issue of mind over matter, if you don't mind, it doesn't matter".
That's when it struck me, it didn't matter if i was turning 20 or 70. I would always be my daddy's little girl, i would always have the love of my friends... I could do whatever i wanted to do and be whoever i wanted to be.. no matter how old i was cos I'd always have people i could fall back on and who make every day of my existence a wonderful experience..
Somehow, the countdown didn't seem threatening now..
" Tick tock tick tock..4 more hours left of your teens" read the next message..
I smiled.. "four more hours before the start of a new adventure"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Guess who's back!

I was watchin Julie and Julia yesterday and watching Julie Powell's eyes light up every time she had a new recipe to blog about reminded me about how much i loved narrating funny happenings or venting my frustration through my blog.
Things've been coming up one after the other and I've found no time to write.. something that i adore. Its not that there hasn't been much to write about.. trust me there's lots.. Its just that I've not been finding time.. rather I've not made an effort to make time for it..
Writing a sarcastic love letter will not help me this time, but i know i need to pursue my passions and writing is one of them..

if i could quote a line from the movie to describe my blog:
" you are the butterto my bread and the breath to my life"

well actually i reckon that quote works well for all my passions, and so here's hoping, i find more time to pursue all that i love!