Thursday, July 15, 2010

Metamorphosis (Part I)

The rolling of the sea waves is said to be one of the most relaxing sounds, and yet every time a wave hits the sandy shore, it echoes voices from the past. With every receding wave, I seem to be pulled into the dark closet of memories. They say when you look at a full moon, you see the face of the one you love and yet somehow no matter how much i gaze, the moon too disappoints me.. Even mother nature seems to be punishing me for the change..

As I walk across the study to replace a book, i glance at the reflection in the mirror. The silver grey strands that fell over her shoulders and unto her knees. The once bronze toned skin which shone in the summer sun, now pale, translucent and almost lifeless. Her oval face now lined with wrinkles hardly resembled the face that had made hundreds of men catch their breath. Those ruby lips now thin trembling lines, and lost, sorrowful hazel eyes..
I almost gasped when I saw her in the mirror, I stepped closer to the ivory frame to have a closer look at the reflection..
A pale trembling hand stretching out to me,I looked up, our eyes met..