Friday, March 27, 2009

Let's go back to the start!!

It feels like just yesterday, when i was cramming up for my chemistry exam but here i am at the end of the second year of my college..How time flies!!

Supri and i have been running around for the past few weeks preparing for a good enough farewell for our seniors.. I now officially know half the banquet halls in Chennai and have memorised their menus.. in Supri's words, i'm in a "GAAND" mood.. There are a lot of ppl i would like to give a piece of my mind to..
The juniors for answering back when asked to pay up for the farewell
My own classmates for their indifference
And the seniors for their impatience..
All said and done, the task has been finished.. 
But thats not what this post is about... as i sit here plannin those final details for the farewell, i cant help but think that next year someone will be doin the same for us.. in jus a year, we'll be leaving college, headin in different directions, promising to stay in touch.. Things will change.. and why wait till college gets over cos the change has already begun.. This year seemed exceptionally long.. Maybe cos of the things that happened in it.. 

Starting with "the big fight" and the end of the six brats, to the loss of a friend, the "abhilasha" drama, the fahad episode, the jhankaar dilemma and now finally this, the farewell.. its jus been one heck of a bumpy roller coaster ride.. 

The fun associated with college was replaced by the responsibilities and accountability for every effing event/ activity.. people you considered your closest pals turned into creatures you wouldnt utter the names of..

 It's sad things had to end this way.. and with the new twist in the tale, i really wonder what the next year is goin to be like..

Here's to the end of a beginning and the beginning of an end!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

From the diary of a nobody

It's the tenth of march.. just two days until the final presentation..

I had to come early to college for an interview on NDTV and though the excitment of being on national television momentarily distracted me from my fears, now as i sit here alone in the atrium, my mind wanders thinking of what the future holds for me..
There's a gentle drizzle; the smell of the wet earth refreshes one's soul and reminds one of many a  happy reminiscence. Intoxicated by the scent, i too cannot bear but drift down memory lane, remembering "those days".
Those days yonder where i played football in all the slush not worrying about the future..
Those days when achacha (my grandfather) placed me on his lap and hugged me and told fascinating tales of distant lands..
Those days when amma when amma made piping hot pakodas as we made paper boats to sail in the rain water..
Those days long gone where we stared out of the window during chemistry class, watching as the raindrops tantalised each leaf with their seductive touch and slid off to the next leaf, thus rejuvinating  every leaf in its way before it trickled down the bark and kissed the soil....
But even as my mind floods with memories, I raise my head to the heavens searching for an answer... As a raindrop caresses my skin, i wonder..
I wonder if this is a gentle summer rain; to ease the soul of the sufferings of the scorching sun or if it is the forbear of a storm that is to be..
What will my future be?? i know not
Will there be a summer rain or does a storm await me?
Sigh! Whatever it maybe, I need to sail ahead.. 
Que sera sera!!

With that thought, i end this note

Let my fears drown in this teardrop..
Let the rain wash away all anxiety..
Let the scent of the wet earth enrich my soul again.. 
Let me await the rainbow..