Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ain't it funny?

I've been listening to "ain't it funny" all mornin.. why? I don't know.. but so much of the lyrics make sense..

It's so funny no matter how well yu script the story of your life, unwritten characters come in and  change everything....they turn your world around.. Sometimes for the better,most times, otherwise...
Ever wondered?
Ain't it funny how a complete stranger becomes your best friend?
Ain't it funny how your closest friend becomes a total stranger?
Ain't it funny how all our life we wait for one special moment?
Ain't it funny how a moment could just change your life? 
Ain't it funny how somethings leave you blank?
Aint't it funny how some feelings you just can't deny?
Ain't it funny how you can't let some things go?
Aint it funny how somethings hold you back?
Ain't funny how sometimes you can't stop talkin?
Ain't it funny when sometimes you have NOTHING to say?
Ain't it funny how sometimes we lock our thoughts?
Ain't it funny how our thoughts set us free?
Ain't it funny how we try to push somethings away?
Ain't it funny how somethings draw us towards them?

Ain't  it??

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Uncle chips- aunty's processing weapon

What does one do when one gets a topic such as " Uncle chip- aunty's processing weapon" as their adzap topic? Well yeah that had us thinking or a bit too, but then when yu have mokkai queens such as supri, me and vedha around, there's never a lack of humour even in the worst of topics.

The whole act was just so much fun, and though i must honestly say i was a bit scared about the rebutal,there were instances when we left the judges with nothing to say :) end result? FIRST PLACE!!!!!
And after all that fun, came the creative writing.. hey don get me wrong, creative writing was fun too.. but the topics? uh! well! um! i'd rather not comment...
So here's the crap  i made up in 45 mins,, ENSAI!
(forgive me for the begining but thats how it was SUPPOSED to start.. as in thats the basic "topic")

"It was 8o'clock. I was late for my routine walk on the beach.The sky seemed dark, it felt like dusk so early in the morning. Prerna who usually accompanied me on my walks had fallen ill and today i had to walk alone. I couldn't find a single familiar  face on the beach that day. Sigh it really was pretty boring walking all alone. Prerna and my walks had become a routine. She'd come over to my place at 5.45 AM and try everything possible to wake me up and everyday she would miserably fail. It'd finally take her dog Sassy to lick my toes and get me awake (in utter disgust).Every day we'd start our walk from the crooked rain tree and walk all along the shore up till the broken marble statue. For us it wasn't the walk that was important but the gossip we shared during the walks. As i stared at the overcast sky, i thought of all the funny conversations we'd shared.
It was bad enough walking alone, but the fear of the heavens opening up any minute and engulfing the entire sea and land in a blanket of rain made the walk even more torturous than it already was.
As i walked along, my thoughts wandered and i thought about the dream i'd had the previous night. This was the third time i'd had the same dream. Each time it was the same thing, the vision getting stronger everytime.The dream started with me walking all alone on the beach in the evening- ' I didn't know what i was walkin towards, but i seemed to be pulled by some force. But each step was an effort as with each step i took, i seemed to be sinking further into the sand.'...

A drop of rain on my brow brought me back to reality. The sky looked even more threatening that it did earlier, there was a light drizzle. I looked around and noticed that even the handful of people whom i'd seen on the beach earlier seemed to be nowhere in sight. Perhaps they'd run for cover. All i knew was i was all alone on the vast of the  beach, quite like in my dream.
I thought about the dream again-' As i walked what seemed like an endless stretch, i suddenly picked up pace. Maybe out of the joy that i was getting closer to my destination, or maybe out of the fear of sinkin deeper into the sand. Voices from the sea seemed to be calling out to me, but i paid no heed to them and i ran.. I ran for what seemed like forever'....

I noticed it was getting harder for me to walk. My feet kept sinking into the now moist sand. The tide had risen and waves stretched out further, some of them pricking the tips of my toes as i walked. A disturbing wind seemed to be blowing.It howled just like the voices in my dream. I quickened my pace...

Eventhough it was getting closer, i was drenched in sweat, more out of anxiety than out of the exhaustion from the walk.The last part of my dream had me running towards the marble statue- 'I'd run towards it as if i was about to find a long lost treasure, suddenly i'd stop, and there he would be, in the shadow  of the statue, the gray old man.
There he would stand, with his peircing gray eyes, an olive green blanket around his shoulders and an "ek tara" in his hand. He'd ruffle his hair, smoothen his gray beard and hum a verse in bengali. It was always the same verse and it never made any sense to me'

A sudden bolt of lightning pulled me out  of my thoughts. A clap of thunder followed and before i knew it, it was pouring!I could see the statue in the distance, i ran towards it...
Finally under some cover, i panted for breath! I felt a hand on my shoulder, my heart skipped a beat. i wondered....
I slowly turned around and there he was, jus as i'd seen him in my dreams, the same gray old  man, with the olive green blanket around his sholuders, the "ek tara" in his hand. The same peircing gray eyes.My feet refused to move, as if they'd been nailed to the ground. He ruffled his hair and repeated the verse i'd heard so many times in my dream.
"Jodhi thor dakshonekyo naashe,
Thaale ekla cholo re"
He seemed to understand the fear and confusion on my face, he smiled at me and i noticed a set of crooked yellow teeth. This time he hummed the verse in english.
"If nobody answers your calls,
trust yourself and walk alone"
I stood there in the rain watching him as he walked away strumming his ek tara, the gray old man...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nenjukkul peidhidum maa mazhai

I've never written a review for a movie before, and perhaps i don't know how to either, but i think i HAVE to write about this movie.. Vaaranum aayiram
Though it doesnt start with a really pleasant scene, the story which is a narrative slowly moves on, taking us thro' every phase of a man's life-krishna. A man who lived his life to the fullest, lived for his family and passed on the same sentiments to his son.
Honestly there's not too much of a story, its all about the relationship a son shares with his dad and how after the dad's death, the son looks back at what his dad has done for him at every stage in his life. May it be teaching him not to be belittled by anyone or anythin, or to pursue his passions or even win his love over(even if it means sending him to San Fransisco), Krishna is always there for his son. And THAT is the beauty of the movie. All of us are blessed to have at least one such person in our lives, maybe not our dads, maybe not our moms, maybe jus a frnd, someone who's been there for us, someone we look up to, someone we consider our hero. And very often, we get so caught up growing up( literally and metaphorically), that we forget bout those very people who made us what we are.
It truly is a tribute to dads who though (often) don make their presence felt in the family, actually make the backbone of the family.
Personally i never used to think surya could really act, i mean yeah he plays the "tough cops" role pretty well but this is the first time i can say he's done full justice to the role.. Whether it be the loving father, the coy boy in love, the confused drug addict or (what he does best) the TOUGH army guy, he's played all his roles with great panache.
Credit should be given to the designers and make up artists who've done a fantastic job in making the actors look genuinely different in the different phases (Surya actually looks like a school boy when he is supposed to).
But the person who steals every one's heart HAS to be Simran.. the role fits her like a glove, she plays it so beautifully, that there are no words to applaud her performance. YES, her role is really small, but even with such a small role she makes her presence felt.
Another actress who's work is worth mentioning is Sameera Reddy. She plays her role so well i'm sure there wasn't a single guy there in the theatre who din wish she was his girl. She plays the (nerdy) girl next door really well and yu cant help falling in love with the way the two young hearts (surya and sameera) fall in love.
Credit is also due to the amazin scores (whether they have been ripped from english songs or not), they truly create the perfect feel for the movie.When yu listen to songs such as Nenjukkul peidhidum maa mazhai, yu cant help but dream about someone serenading yu jus as romantically.Sigh but sadly thats the thin line that divides fantasys from the real.
I'm not gonna rate the movie, but for anyone who loves their dad and/or knows what falling in love feels like, this movie is a MUST watch

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So you think you can talk the talk, but can yu walk "THE WALK"?????

It's become a common joke in class now, people call me and say " hey dp, coll is off for 2 FULL days, aren't you going to kerala??" So now you probably know how frequent my visits have been.. Its always something or the other-poojas, marriages, land issues..whatever.. And since amma goes and dad's always on tour i ALWAYS have to accompany her.

HEY don't get me wrong, I'm not whining, its just that even  the guy at Higginbothams at Madras Central has started recognizing me thanks to my frequent visits.
So like always, when we got a couple of days off for Diwali, off we were to "God's own country" 
Just like any other visit to guruvayoor, we followed the same old itinerary, 
* Be woken up at 5 (and I'm supposed to be on "vacation")

* Have a shower (in not-so-hot water.. brrrrrrrrrrrr)

* RUN to the temple (where might i add, my mom conveniently goes into her own world,      absolutely abandoning the person accompanying her.. Wat bhakthi i tell you)

* Stand in a really LONG queue with ladies PUSHING yu (ever seen the rush for rajni padam first day first show???) SCREAMING prayers into your ear

* The darshan( trust me after the pushes and the screaming women all I'd be praying for is to get out of the temple)

* The TONS of vazhivadus ( archanas and blah)

* Getting back home HUNGRY and exhausted after the "fight" I'd put up.

and the rest of the day pretty much involves- eating,local gossip, another couple of visits to the temple and of course IDEA STAR SINGER!!!!

But this time mumma took some time off to do herself some shopping and one of the things on her list was those peacock fans!!!!- those hand fan like things made from peacock feathers
(apparently they're supposed to keep insects and lizards away.. don ask)
And those things are delicate so we couldn't keep them in the suitcases, and since i had two bags to carry and mumma had two bags to carry, the only other option was to stick them into my backpack.
So there i was on Thrissur station the next day - a tall lanky girl in a Blue tshirt(trust me to correctly wear blue!) with peacock feathers sticking out from behind her almost as if they were her own plumule..

ALL eyes on ME.. quite a Cinderella story.. sigh!!!
 Well wat can I say? you can talk the talk, but can you do the peacock walk?????