Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A new year a new begining

New Year's eve is like every other night; there is no pause in the march of the universe, no breathless moment of silence among created things  and yet no man has quite the same thoughts this evening that come with the shadow of darkness on other nights....And it is with that same feeling of retrospect that i write this post..  2008 sure has been an eventful year... So many things have been keepin me on my toes, that i never noticed the year fly by.. Though i must say, i'm glad this year is over and i hope and pray the one to come is better.. The year didn't  start too well but as days moved on, things slowly started gettin better.. I know one cant ask for a perfect day on all 365 days, but seriously this year has had more "downs" than "ups" and i really wish the year had atleast ended on a better note..

One things for sure, i've grown over the past year.. emotionally, intellectually ( and yes i have become fatter too, but we can tackle that later)

And the reason for this change ( duh except the last one) are the people in my life.. So this post is my lil dedication to all those who left their mark in my life in the year that has been..
( in no particular order here goes)


i know she's probably gonna whine bout me having chosen THIS picture to put on my blog, but i guess though all through our school years and through college we've been close, it was at this trip that we really bonded...
This lil girl has been through a lot in life and i guess one blog post is not enough to write bout all that. but wats more important is her attitude towards life.. well yeah i'm not sayin she's always happy and never cries, but inspite of all she's been through, she never gives up..
There are times when she wants to just let go, but she still pulls herself up and fights back.. and that takes a hell a lot of courage..
Thanks Supri for makin me strong


The eldest of the triplets but the most light hearted one... One super talented chick with the perfect amount of humour and intellect.. 
The one person i can be completely cooky around and not get weird looks from..
More than learning from her, i guess i have felt this weird connection everytime i shared with her.. Its really strange how two people can think so alike..
Thanks Vedha for making me smile when i was down


My lil bald man..I don't even know how and when i started talkin to him and it really doesnt matter either really.. If there's one thing i learnt from atul, its to be hopeful, to be optimistic.. ( and considering i'm the queen of pessimism,for me to even think of something positive is a big deal)
And yes how can i forget his reinforcement on the line " sidhirbhavathi karmaja", he being a living example of this phrase..
The endless messages, the philosophical talks, have been a memorable part of this year
Thanks Atul for showing me the silver lining..


Boy is it difficult to spell that name or what..
This fellow has been the reason to smile ( or should i say laugh) on some of the darkest days of this year.. 
Thanks abii for... uh... being yu!!


I could write a whole book bout this nut.. The one guy ( apart from the twin souls) that i share everything with.. The one person who loves me for who i am.. The one person i can always rely on..
Thanks vinch for being there for me..


Well unlike yur friends, yu cant choose yur family, but no matter what, i'm glad i have them..
And this includes my other baby, rudy, chini ma and sridhar uncle 
Thanks for all the love

I may have missed names and people but every single person whom i have interacted with this year have made a difference in my life ( good or bad, but a difference)
May it be 
the ching pang gang ( who taught me how shallow ppl can be), 
or a certain mad man in coimbatore( who inspired me when i needed inspiration),
or a jerk from melbourne( who taught me that not everyone can be trusted), 
or the kids from lady wellingdon ( who taught me that love is infinite)

as the lines from one of my favourite poems go..

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

Monday, December 29, 2008


It feels like forever since i wrote on my blog. There seems to be so much to write about, the vellore trip, the exhibition at college, the stella culturals, the loyola culturals, but for some reason i just don feel like writing.. no i'm not depressed.. neither m i lazy ( eh maybe a LIL bit) but seriously, no mood to write.. 

sigh.. sad it is

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, i'd no doubt walk up to heaven and bring you home again

He'd always sit there on the sofa.. Always in that corner.. Either a cigarette or the newspaper in hand.. Grey shirt, black shorts..His presence almost unnoticed and unknown to those who walked in and out of the door.. His leg moving up and down as if in rhythm with one of the magical tunes he'd helped create...

A quiet person, whose smile of acknowledgement was enough to make any one's day..
The wisdom in his eyes spoke of  his experiences over the years. The warmth in his voice would put anyone at ease.
An inspiration for millions, a mentor to thousands,a friend to several.... and to us, a father figure...
Uncle, you shall live on in our hearts. Your memories shall keep you alive forever..

So here's to the great man-H Sridhar

We love you, and will miss you..