Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Wondering what the title means? Well its Polish for blank, thats clearly the state of my mind right now....PUSTE!!

I have a slice of pizza in front of me, my phone's constantly buzzing cos of the messages that are coming in, but i neither feel like eating, nor do i feel like checkin my phone..
I NEED to write a post today.. but whatever do i write? i could continue the love story ( but since that jus doesnt seem to be ending, its pontless writing about that), i could write about how i wish i studied in hogwarts ( but that would make me miss not having a time turner even more)
Coll has been pretty hectic off late, with teachers rushing thro portions to finish in time for the
internals, the Jhankaar practices goin on ( budget constraints, tempers at the highest et all) and to top it all off, council interview.. ( aaah trust me, its scary)
** ah i see the good old cog wheels have started turning, and i finally have stuff to write about**
Off late i've been tagged by several ppl in this note thats goin around on fb called "25 random things" so to compensate for all those days of not bein able to write, here are a few random things i can think of writing

The Trip..
I finally got to travel alone in a train ( day train, but still watever, i was alone.. yay me!!)
Bangalore was amazing fun, got to spend a lot of time with my brother after a long time.. The trip to innovative, the go-karting, the enumerable bottles of pulpy orange, the shopping, meeting the relatives, ( oh and for the adventure part of it) gettin out of forum jus 5 minutes before the fire broke out.. it was all FUN and i couldn't stop wheeing for 5 days after my trip
( Tussad's - Bangalore)

The IT fair..
Well it started of as an attempt to please the NAAC, it ended as a pain in the derier..
First, not being able to display the project to the NAAC cos of the " sudden change" in plans and then having to run to schools to get students to see the displays cos the ching pang gang never really went and invited any of em, it seriously was a BIG FAT PAIN.
But then again ( @ supri: silver lining) it gave the triplets time to spend together.. and we were at our crazy best

The ISRO guy's budday
Billi and Blabber got to wish him together (and scare a stray in the process).Considerin the NAAC blunder that seemed to have soured our spirits, celebrating Mr. Singhania's budday was good fun..and billi finally got to eat the yummy lemon tart..

What started off as a hobby, seems to have turned into a full time proffession with a lot of friends askin me to make them their portraits..
Varghese, Vedha, Abhinav and so many more.. It feels nice to be appreciated, and its somethin i love doin.. So atleast its somethin to keep my mind off lesser important stuff

( wow this is harder than i thought)
MOP's Quizzers
What do yu do when a teacher yu've never interacted with calls for yu, and refers to yu as MOP's quizzers and debaters? Lol well thats exactly what happened to supri and me.. (Apparently we're more famous than we give ourselves credit for) and thus we were sent to vivekananda college to participate on a quiz on the life and teachings of swami vivekananda ( with a 24 hr notice mind yu)
Each of us took one volume of his (amazingly huge) biography to "study" and ended up jus goin thro random facts on wiki and in the ever informative amar chitra katha.. end result?? we came second.. loosin to vivekanada college themselves by jus ONE point.. yay us!

The missing spree
No, No, I've not been loosing stuff.. I've just been missing a lot of people off late..
It's really sad when you don't have time for the one's you love and when you do, they don't have time for you.. The saddest part is when you're all alone and memories of the past haunt you.. You miss those moments of happiness.. the giggles you shared echo in your ears.. the tears you cried shine in your eyes.. the scent you miss so much seems to loom around you.. sigh..

The white tiger
For those ignorant souls, I'm talking bout the book.. It's nice.. It's a "time pass" book, but I'm still wondering how it won the man Booker when there were books which were FAR better which were nominated..
I'm not belittling the capability of the Indian author, but the book was so overly dramatic and predictable that it took the fun out of reading..
The author has (tried to) portray a realistic image of India with his explicit definition of the "darkness" and the "light" but the idea behind the book doesn't seem very original.. At some point of time you get bored, for the author talks only about the two extremes in India.. the ignorant villagers, and the ultra modernised urban crowd.. forgetting that a majority of Indians fall in an intermediate category

Treasure hunting
Isn't it exciting when you put on a pair of jeans you haven't worn in a long time and find a 100 rs note in its pocket? What's more exciting is cleaning your loft and finding old scrap books and notes you passed in class commenting on the teacher's pronounciation and talkin about the cutest guy in school.. Finding those goofy pictures you once took during your excursion with your (then) bestest friends whom you seem to have lost touch with now..
Like someone rightly said "Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson;You find the present tense and the past perfect"