Saturday, August 30, 2008

PAPU CANT DANCE SALA, but i can sing in an ambulance :P

ha ha i know the title is pretty kooky, cudnt come up with anythin better.. So anyway,friday was really special for various reasons..The first being, i got to meet the governor.. yup yup i met MR. Barnala in person. wat was the occasion you ask? well, 15 students from MOP were selected to attend a workshop on lifestyle diseases..And i was one of those "lucky" fifteen.(SERENDIPITY i say!) So as per instructions, we all met up at 9 at Roypettah hospital only to find a band playin there and ofcourse a few other confused souls such as us. Every 15 mins, a car seemed to be leaving with atleast 5 or 6 girls in it.. i know wat you're thinkin, i was pretty much thinkin the same.. So then, we walked upto this lady who seemed to be the lady in charge and asked her where exactly we had to go and said we'd even walk to the place and din need the car. in reply to that, the lady (whom i later came to know was called LION LALITHA) flashed her BEAutiful yellow teeth at us and said " kanna yu cant WALK to guindy". since we din know wat that meant, we jus waited with the others.

there were no chairs to sit and it was bloody hot, and ofcourse the band addin to the torture, supri, me nd walked upto the flag post (which luckily for us was under the shade of a tree) and sat on the lil podium like thingi and started wastin time doin wat we do best, crackin baseless jokes or makin random remarks bout strangers..

10.30 by the time transport FINALLY arrived. Oh if you're thinkin we too were stuffed into an innova or a honda city, your wrong.. WE got the privilege of getting SQUISHED into a PTC bus.. yes folks, they hired good old Pallavan to take us.

so there we are, on the road, some 60 girls stuffed on a bus goin ALL the way from roypettah to only sorce of entertainment, some high drama messages courtesy vedha.

After wat seemed like a half hours journey, we finally were there.. where?? there.. where?? lol RAJ BHAVAN.. home of ( you guessed it right) the governor himself

we walked in.. the PACK led by the MOPians ( who obviously seemed to be more alive than anybody else) all of us strolling casually, makin the most of the oppurtunity. Must say, it quite reminds you of IITM. The fresh green, the random deer, the nicely laden roads and most importantly, the serenity. but i guess we were walkin a bit TOO casually, cos this police jeep stopped beside us nd this grumpy cop asked vidya "endha college? suthi pakadhaku vandhingala?"

then there we were( after the security check), at the hall where the inauguration was to be, trust me, it was PACKED. seriously.. there were jus random seats here nd there which were vacant, half of which had been "reserved" for some lion club meber or the other.

End result, those who werent quick/ smart enough, had to stand.. (bad event management i say, sundari ma'am wud be ashamed) :P

then at about 11.30 the function FINALLY started, there were these whole bunch of dignitaries.

well for the description, yu can check this article out ""

but for MY side of the story, read on.. :P

there was this guy DR Rajendran if i'm nnot mistaken, superintendant, Roypettah hosp. 2 words to describe him "CONTROL FREAK". he jus WOULDNT let go of the mike, even if he had to sneeze, he'd do so into the mike, even if he had to answer a call, he'd do so into the mike. wierd but entertaining guy.

then there was MR. Paneerselvam, ( later christened PISSAselvam for obvious reasons) who spoke really well, though i cudnt understand most of his speech cos he spoke in HIGH level tamil.. the only part which I got was when he kept sayin how the youth of today should cycle nd not eat PISSA nd BERGER.

If i could give out awards, the MISS ENTHUSIASTIC award would Definitely have gone to this aunty in ORANGE who kept clappin for EVERYTHIN.. ( i'm amazed she din clap after the national anthem)

then there was the governor who spoke bout the workshop and its importance and the need to create an awareness.. honestly, he pretty much said the same things that everyone else who had been on stage said. but its the way his excellency said it that made you sit up and actually listen.. his tone was like that of a grandfather tellin his grandchildren a story, where the tone though not overly dramatic, holds your attention.(unfortunately the lady next to me, some prof from MEENAKSHI college, slept off)

But the sweetest things the governor said were 1. Apologise for the lack of seats (for which too the hyper case aunty clapped)

2. Nanri vannakam (which mind you none of the ministers said)

then it was time to get back to the hospital but the pallavan was no longer there, so we walked upto the control freak and asked him wat to do.. nd he pointed to an ambulance and said, "it'd be our honour to have beautiful girls like you on our ambulance".. we din know whether to smile nd thank him or roll on the floor laughin.. was he KIDDIN us? ride on an ambulance? but thats wat we did. all 15 of us got into an ambulance and we were off..

boy was it FUN, we kept showin "bulb" to random motorists on the road nd EVERy single person turned their headlight on.. rotfl.. we waved at people on the road everytime we stopped at the signal.. nd the best part? we sang PAPU CANT DANCE in the ambulance.. now thats a story worth tellin the grandkids..

i'm sure the driver was confused for he wud never have had SUCH passengers on an AMBULANCE. More confused were the ppl on the road wondering how ppl travellin on an ambulance cud possibly be happy enough to sing papu cant dance at the top of their lungs.. he he

Friday, August 22, 2008


There's so much to write about, the Madurai trip, almost being struck by lightning, the weirdo on the flight,lil bald man going away,olap, link, our victories, ethi, today's movie, college gossip but damn i just cant find the time to write a long enuf entry. Seriously i feel like the white rabbit in Alice in wonderland , running late for everything, no time on my hands..There's so much i wanna write bout.. There's so much i wanna do.. the glass painting is lying incomplete, I've left a few poems half done, there are those sketches i still haven't finished.. nd OF COURSE all that coll work piling up. ..
Oh man one look at the clock makes me feel so guilty.. wish days could be longer..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This has been on my "to do list" for a long time now, and here i am today, after creating my first ever blog.. and (not) suprisingly i have no clue what to write..

I've often read posts on my friends's blogs and admired the way they weave their words into a story, with every episode jus as interesting as the previous..(unfortunately/ fortunately for me, i know WAAAY to many EXCELLENT writers)

I've always admired that "talent"/ "skil" whatever you call it, and hoped that someday when i start my own blog, i have somethin just as interesting and intriguing to write... and yet, i m as BLANK as a brand new A-4 sheet. Okay okay i know that was a sad comparison, but what does one do when one's brain goes on strike?? oh before yu bio freaks begin arguing on the "brain goin on strike" bit, its JUS a figure of speech!!!!!! sigh..

hey wait, i know what i can write bout, the name of my blog.. :)


noooooo i din name it after the kate beckinsale starrer

Someone once told me this was his favorite word. i never thought bout the word then, but slowly, it grew on me and though i cant narrow down a single word from a language as vast as english and name it my favourite, i must say, i do quite love this word..


its not like i believe in luck and destiny but sometimes stuff happens which yu can not logically reason out
so often, unexpected things occur in ones life, and some of them change yur life forever... and sometimes, its ppl who you meet completely by accident.. and they change your life forever..

I too have been fortunate enough to accidently come upon such ppl in my life.. nd i guess thats one of the reasons i'm writing this today.. and why i chose this name..

Wish i could write more, but i'd rather not die by having all my blood sucked out by mosquitoes.. he he.. so thats all for now, i'll be back later with more on destiny and my adventures with luck

PS: there's also another reason for the choice i made.. serendipity.. or shall we say serenD-P-T :) for those of yu who din get it, KEEP thinkin :)