Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcome to the jungle

 My uncle asked me to try this corporate exercise he learnt recently, cos apparently it helps you understand ppl better and act appropriately in front of them.. It sounded fancy and I'm always game for a new experiment so i decided to give it a shot.. ( not that its very hard for me to associate ppl with animals, which you'd understand from my previous posts :P)

The whole exercise is pretty simple really.. there are basic characteristics that you associate with certain animals, some humans exhibit the same behaviours.. now don get your imagination running with ideas of humans sticking their heads in the sand like ostriches or spraying water out of their nose like elephants.. I mean simple things like, the regal look the lion gives you even when it's trapped in a cage.. or the hungry look of the vultures.. its basically about reading people's expressions..
Now i'd been wanting to do this for a long time, but then things kept coming up so i never was able to go about it, so today on the bus ride back, i decided to give it a shot..

Now before i begin my analysis, i should tell you that the 29c's in chennai have all types of ppl in them.. From the flower garland makers to IT professionals, you seem them all.. And hence you learn a lot about your city that way.. You get the latest gossip about tinsel town, you hear  about the fluctuating share market and you also get to  hear about the latest sandai ( fight) happening in the slums..

You have the typical Tamil mami's who glare at every college girl who shows even a millimeter of her midriff.. 
You have the ladies in their 20's who're always on their phone.. 
You have the roadside romeos who get onto the bus ( whether they need to or not) as long as there are more than 5 girls on the bus..
You have the old uncle's who're travelling to some post office or some bank with a small black leather pouch tucked under their arms
And then ofcourse you have the 'lovely' conductor and the driver..
That just about sums it all.. and now to begin with my analysis..

The bus wasn't all that packed.. i mean there were just 20 ppl standing which is very little considering 29c standards.. and I was one of those standing..
Its easier to observe ppl and their behaviour when you're standing for the simple fact that you have a better view and also that you're in the competition for the ultimate reward when one's on a bus- the seat!!!

And THAT defines the first lot of 'animals' on the bus- the vultures.. they're the ppl who are standing ( NOT out of choice that is) while travelling on the bus 
Their greedy eyes scan the environment for their prey!! prey bein anyone makin the lightest movement which makes it appear as if they are readying themselves to get off the bus..
Jus as soon as they see the prey move even just their little finger, the vulture makes its move.. Quick on their feet, always ready for a fight, always ready to butt in when two other vultures are having a fight, they are the most dangerous of the animals on the bus ( except of course the snake)
Who's the snake you wonder?? the Conductor ofcourse..
Always able to find his way through a crowded bus by slithering his way through. Strikes his prey with vengeance ( in this case the prey being anyone who's not bought the ticket)
And often sly and cunning enough to make the right kind of conversation with the right kind of person

That brings us to the lazy hippos.. Those are the middle aged women who probably got onto the bus at the first stop and intend to get off at the last stop . These ppl sit as though they own the bus. Glaring at ppl who lean on them by mistake, and ignoring you completely when you request them to pass on the money for the ticket or request them to hold on to your bag for as little as two stops.
Always ready to complain about anything under the sun, the hippos are the most annoying creatures on the bus

Now trust me, you have many many MANY more animals on the bus, or for that matter anywhere around you, but these were all i was able to make a note off today.
Look around, maybe you'll be able to find more than i was able to..

All i can say is:
Welcome to the jungle
It gets worse here everyday
You learn to live like an animal
In the jungle where we play
If you got a hunger for what you see
You'll take it eventually
You can have anything you want
But you better not take it from me!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bow to the queens of bullshit!!

When you're tired of facebook, there's nothing to watch on tv, and you clearly are in no mood to study, what do you do??

a) Bite your fingernails
b) Photoshop random pictures
c) start messaging your friends and start a random topic

I don't know about you guys, but as far as i'm concerned, there's no better way to while away time than by messagin..
What's there to message you ask??
Why, there's a wide spectrum of topics to be discussed... The indian political scenario.. The box office blunders.. Obama and his "not so WHITE any more HOUSE"... Global Warming...
But what do we talk about?? Bout more interesting topics of course

For instance, take those random messages doin the circles... You know, those ones which say "samosa is like a triangle cos it has three ends.. 
question paper is like rectangle cos it has four ends.. 
but out friendship is like parruppu vadai cos it has no ends.."
Now a couple of days back Vedha was feeling utterly jobless so she decided to forward one such message to me.. Little did she realise that i was even more jobless and thus started our analysis of the comparison of friendship to a vadai..
I didn't agree with the comparison.. Why?? well, a vadai, that too a parruppu vadai has bits of curry leaves and parruppu in it.. thus it isn't entirely smooth.. also if its a normal vadai.. that has a hole in the center.. i wouldn't want our friendship to have a hole in it now would i..
Therefore i suggested that friendship was more like an idli..
White= purity
Soft= tenderness/ innocence blah
Circular= endless

How eeet eeees???? :P

Saturday, April 11, 2009


And it feels right this time 
On his crash course with the big time 
Paid no mind to the distant thunder 
Today filled his head with
 wonder... boy 

Says it feels right this time 
Turn around and found the light lime 

Good day to be alive... sir 
Good day to be alive he said 

Then it comes to be that the soothing light 
At the end of your tunnel 
Was just a freight train comin your way
 Then it comes to be that the soothing light 
At the end of your tunnel 
Was just a freight train comin your way 

Don't it feel right like this 
All the pieces fall to his wish 
Sucker for that quick reward... boy 
Sucker for that quick reward they said 

Then it comes to be that the soothing light 
At the end of your tunnel 
Was just a freight train comin your way 
Then it comes to be that the soothing light 
At the end of your tunnel Was just a freight train comin your way 
It's comin' your way 
It comes! 

Then it comes to be that the soothing light At the end of your tunnel 
Was just a freight train comin your way 

Then it comes to be...  

Isn't that how life is, just when you think every thing's goin your way and luck's by your side, BAM your hit by all that's bad..
In jus a fraction of a second everything turns upside down.. Wat was right goes wrong..
Doesn't matter if you find a horse shoe or a 4 leaf clover.. No matter how many times you rub the laughing Buddha's belly, you can never put the broken pieces of your life together.. sad isn't it??
Wouldn't it be nice if everything was jus pre- written?
If you knew wat your life would be..
If each one's life was all written in a book and all we needed to do was write the ending...  wouldnt it be simpler to know wat's gonna happen by jus turning a page.
Perhaps it would be less adventurous, but at least there wouldn't be any heartbreak..
Wouldn't it be nice if all the characters in your book were pre determined, you would never befriend the wrong person, never be cheated.. 

Wouldn't it be nice if you knew who 'the one' was.. and would never have to waste time searching and feeling lonely..

Wouldn't it be easier to know wat was gonna happen when instead of things hitting you out of the blue and shattering your world of dreams?

And wouldn't it be easier, to know when the book ends.. instead of living each day in fear and worrying about the future,when you know the pages are gonna get  over, write your own destiny... and for however long you are alive, live to the fullest.. no worries about the future, for after all the pen is in our hands!!